Endoscopic Vein Harvesting

Center of Excellence

SCVS has been recognized by Terumo Corporation as a national Center of Excellence for Endoscopic Vein Harvesting (EVH).  SCVS has trained many hospitals from around the country how to utilize this technology to improve their own patient outcomes.

One of the most common conduits removed at the time of bypass grafting is the greater saphenous vein. This is the vein that is present in the leg and in the past has required a very long incision down the inner aspect of the leg. Patients often feel this is the most painful aspect of their heart surgery. Endoscopic vein harvesting is a new technique, which allows the removal of the greater saphenous vein with a small incision and the use of a small camera to help in its removal. This procedure can also reduce the instance of complications from the leg incision. The Sacramento Cardiovascular Surgeons Medical Group is one of the few groups to offer this new and exciting procedure to our patients.